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Top 15 Highest Paid College Coaches

I think we can all guess who's at the top of the list, but you may be surprised who follows. College football coaches get paid a lot of money and almost 100% of the time they are worth every penny. A coach means almost everything to a football program, and if you mean almost everything to a football program, you are officially very important to the university itself. Besides profiting from ticket sales, bowl wins, merchandise sales, concession sales, sponsors, and alumni -- a quality program can attract more students as well -- which obviously boosts tuition. Here's the list from USA TODAY of the high paid men that lead our team's to victory, or not. 

1. Nick Saban, Alabama, $5,476,738

2. Mack Brown, Texas, $5,353,750

3. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, $4,550,000

4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State, $4,300,000

5. Les Miles, Louisiana State, $3,856,417

6.Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, $3,835,000

7. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina, $3,585,000

8. Gary Patterson, Texas Christian, $3,400,000

9. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State, $3,275,000

10. Bret Beilema, Arkansas, $3,200,000

11. Brady Hoke, Michigan, $3,046,120

12. Todd Graham, Arizona State, $3,000,000

13. Butch Jones, Tennessee, $2,950,000

14. Mark Richt, Georgia, $2,925,340

15. Bo Pelini, Nebraska, $2,875,000