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College Football Games To Watch Saturday

There's not a whole lot for entertainment during the week (Arizona State vs. Sacramento State Thursday and Wake Forest vs. Boston College Friday) so it looks like we'll have to wait until Saturday to be pleased. 

Not a lot of good games on Saturday either, but the ones that are good, will be very intriguing. 

No. 10 Florida at Miami (FL) 

This game kicks off at 12:00 PM (ET) and is almost guaranteed to be a close game and come down to the last possession. The game is in Miami so the Gators don't need to worry about Miami getting any sort of home field advantage. As far as the actual game goes, Florida's defense looks to be even better than last years' but their offense is still hard to watch. I don't get it, Muschamp can't get a better quarterback to come to Gainesville? There are tons of mobile quarterbacks that play high school football that can complete more passes in Florida's offense than Driskel can. I know Driskel can run and has been in their program for 20 years but man, I feel like it's not working. Miami has a bunch of playmakers on offense but their defense is a question mark. This game would've been awesome to watch 15 years ago, but in 2013, it'll will be one of those games where you're really excited to watch it and then find yourself scrolling through twitter and playing Candy Crush 5 minutes into it. I'll make sure I catch the very beginning and the very end. 

No. 6 South Carolina at No. 5 Georgia 

Starts at 4:30 PM (ET) and I'll watch every second of it. I hope it won't be hot in Athens though, I don't want to see players down with cramps for the whole game. I also don't want to see Uga panting uncomfortably or sleeping in his cage because of the heat. As for the game, there's no way Georgia loses right? They can't. They won't let it happen. None of us non-SEC fans want to see Georgia start off the season with two straight losses. Georgia will be unbelievably hyped and ready to make the South Carolina suffer. Connor Shaw probably gets hurt in the first quarter and the Gamecocks struggle the rest of the game getting anything going. I don't think it matters who the Gamecock quarterback is, they won't be able to move the ball. I think Georgia wins by a comfortable amount. 

 No. 14 Notre Dame at No.17 Michigan 

Another night game in Ann Arbor, can't wait. The whole game won't be at night but the 4th quarter will be which is enough for me. Game starts at 8:00 PM (ET) and will for sure entertain. Notre Dame has Tommy Rees and Michigan has their mini-Denard Robinson in Devin Gardner. Whacky things are going to happen, laterals, trick plays, lead changes, etc. I can't wait to hear what Lou Holtz has to say if Notre Dame can pull it out. I'm rooting for Notre Dame for that reason only.

P.S. Texas A&M plays Sam Houston State at 7:00 PM (ET). I'll watch that because I won't let myself miss a second of Johnny. I hope he throws it left handed or behind his back for a touchdown when the game is out of hand. I don't support actions like that though. Not at all. I'm an adult.