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Why People Don't Like Philip Rivers... And Why They Should

I personally have never loved an athlete more than Philip Rivers, or "Phil", as a real charger fan would know him as.  But I understand a lot of people would disagree with me. Let's look at the reasons why Philip Rivers doesn't appeal to the masses, and I'll try and explain why charger fans love him. 

1. Trash Talking- Phil is always the first guy in the face of a defensive player whenever he throws a touchdown pass or if the Chargers just score a touchdown at all on offense. As an opposing teams fan I realize that Phils' actions may have angered you in the moment, especially when the Chargers were one of the better teams in the league. But I think we all need to understand what exactly is coming out of Rivers' mouth and how it sounds. I've seen and heard a million trash talkers in my life, but none more unique and hilarious than Philip Rivers. He's a southern grown man that has not cursed once in his life. I've played basketball with him several times and not once did he ever say a bad word. He was the funniest guy on the court every time, without cursing. You try being the funniest guy anywhere without cussing, it's almost impossible. His southern substitutes for bad words were hilarious every single time. Phil was easily the nicest and most down to earth athlete or celebrity I've ever come across. 

If you don't smile when Phil gets excited you don't have a soul. I don't care if you're the biggest Bronco, Chief, or Raider fan in the world. His trash talking is %100 out of excitement with a smile on his face, which should definitely put a smile on yours. Watch the whole video, but at 1:40 is typical Philip Rivers. 

2. Overrated- The argument that Rivers only had big numbers when he was surrounded by great offensive talent is understandable. With the best tight end in the league, the best running back, and a solid wide receiving core and O-line, Phil was a top-tier QB in the league. Now-a-days, with a terrible O-line, no running back as soon as Ryan Mathews gets hurt, and a below average receiving core, Rivers turns the ball over at a ridiculous rate.

It's in Phil's DNA to be aggressive and put the team on his shoulders to win games. When Rivers is surrounded by talent his game is elevated, and when he's not, he looks a lot worse then he actually is. He isn't a "game-manager" he's a playmaker, and won't have it any other way. He's going to try and make the high risk high reward throw, and when there is a good player on the receiving end of that throw it works out, and when there is not, it looks bad. The Chargers wouldn't have won games last year if Phil was just safe with the ball and the Chargers ended up punting 7 times a game, and they won't win games this year doing that either. His mindset is very respectable, he won't go down without a fight, even if the cost is him looking terrible.

3. The way he throws- I'm sure that throwing motion annoys an opposing teams fan because it isn't the necessarily the most "manly" way to throw the ball. He probably started throwing like that when he was 8 years old and hasn't changed ever since. How many people in sports can maintain one throwing, pitching, shooting motion from grade school all the way to an elite professional level? Whenever the coaches tried to fix his throwing motion Phil more than likely had a hilarious southern twanged comeback to tell the coaches no need fix it if it ain't broken! And he never fixed it, no coach ever did, because it didn't need to be.

4. Facial Expression/Complaining- Rivers is one to make outlandish facial expressions during games, most of the time when he is upset with the refs, teammate, or coach. He's a super competitive guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, which can be a very hateable trait in Phil. I understand that showing up his teammates and coaches is not a great way to go about things, but it's not like Phil blames everything on everyone else. He's always the first to take the blame before putting it on someone else. Most of the time he's throwing his arms around and scream "gosh darn it!" is because he's upset with himself. He wants to be the best he can be every play and won't accept anything less, so it upsets him when things don't turn out as planned.

The wrap-up: There are a million reasons to hate Philip Rivers if you don't happen to be a fan of the Chargers. But dig deeper. We should all enjoy the energy that he has and respect the kind of guy he is. Next time you feel upset when you see Phil jumping up and down in a celebratory manner, just think a little harder about the situation, and you might just smile.