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Can Oregon cover the 59 point spread against Nicholls State?

Well, let's start off by figuring out how good Nicholls State is. The Football Championship Subdivision team was 1-10 (0-7) in 2012, with a 77-3 shalacking by Oregon State in the season finale. The Colonels are led by 4th year coach Charlie Stubbs whose overall record is 6-27 at the school. The last two seasons for Stubbs consisted of 2 wins and 20 losses, so it's safe to say the they are not improving. Their defense ranked dead last in the Southland Conference in all defensive categories except Rushing Defense (192 yds per game), which was good enough for second to last. 

Ok, so Oregon is going to win. But covering the spread is a different story, and entirely possible. Last year the Ducks beat Tennessee Tech 63-14 (49 points) and Tennessee Tech can probably beat Nicholls State 63-14. 

The Ducks don't have a choice but to keep scoring even when the game gets out of hand early on the 2nd quarter or even late 1st quarter because of their depth at running back. They are loaded at that position (De'Anthony Thomas, Byron Marshall, Thomas Tyner, Ayele Forde, and Keni Benoit) just to name a few. When it's 35-0 midway through the 2nd quarter, Oregon will turn around and hand the ball off to whoever it may be and the Colonels won't be able to do anything about it. 

It's the first game of the season too. This will be a glorified scrimmage for the Ducks and they'll be worried about competing with one another more than competing with Nicholls State. Backup players on Oregon are all fighting for a higher position on the depth chart -- especially RB, there are 8 on the depth chart -- and first year coach Mark Helfrich for sure won't take his foot off the pedal, because, well, he can't. It's not possible to take your foot off the pedal with an offense like that. The only thing Helfrich can do is obviously slow down how many plays Oregon runs, but that won't be a big deal because big runs will be had for the Ducks for all 60 minutes of action. 

If you ask me 59 points isn't enough for the Colonels. If the game started 59-0 in Nicholls States' favor, Oregon may score 100.