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Top 25 Apparel Selling Universities

The Collegiate Licensing Company released the top selling apparel list for universities in 2013. This list only includes T-Shirts, women's apparel, fleece and head-wear. The list does not include video games, housewares, domestics, and sports equipment. There are 6 SEC schools in the top 10 and 11 in the top 25. The BIG 12 has 5 schools in the top 25, the BIG TEN has 4, and the PAC 12 has 0. This is the eighth straight year Texas has been the top selling university. Apparently,  The Ohio State University and the University of Oregon did not crack the top 75 while other school like James Madison University (74) and Montana State University (75) were above them. 

1. University of Texas at Austin 

2. University of Alabama

3. University of Notre Dame

4. University of Michigan

5. University of Kentucky

6. Louisiana State University

7. University of Florida

8. University of Georgia

9. University of North Carolina

10. University of Arkansas, Fayetville

11. University of Oklahoma

12. Texas A&M University

13. University of Wisconsin

14. University of Nebraska

15. University of Tennessee

16. University of South Carolina

17. West Virginia University

18. Auburn University

19. Pennsylvania State University

20. University of Missouri

21. Florida State University

22. University of Kansas

23. Oklahoma State University

24. Clemson University

25. University of Louisville