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Ranking The Top 5 Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms

5. The all whites. These beauty's were worn at USC last year and made USC look like the inferior program in the eyes of recruits that were watching that game, that's no shot at USC's classic uniforms. These are easily the cleanest looking uniforms in college football. If this list was based on eye candy alone I'd put these uniforms at the top. The reason why it's #5 and not #1 is it's lack of originality. Show me some school colors, although there are greenish numbers with a yellow border, I need to see some colors on the actual uniform. Don't get me wrong, I love the uni's, but any school can go all white and it would look good.

4. Neon! Again, no school colors so I won't put them in my top 3, but my god those are slick. These jersey's alone started the wave of neon being in style. These jersey's literally started a certain style of fashion that is being worn in not only football, but basketball as well. Neon socks, shoes, shorts, shirts are the all the rage among today's current athletes. A lot of schools have since over done the neon, but Oregon's subtle amount of neon on black in these jerseys worn in a game verse LSU comes in at #4.

3. This picture does not do these Lightning yellow on white jersey's justice. If you watched this game live, these jerseys looked even brighter and better contrasting the terribly bland and boring Oregon State black and orange kits. These uni's, in that stadium, against the Beavers' jersey's, was a sight to see. Give me some school colors, give me a lot of yellow, give me some creativity, and I'll give you my #3 spot. 

2. Here we go! I see some green and yellow and I love it. Bright green, Lightning yellow, and a chrome dome are the second best jersey's in all of college football. The colors tie together very well with an even amount of green and yellow. Nike threw their style in the uniforms while maintaining the school colors which makes this an excellent combination. These jersey's don't hurt the eyes, but they pop out on your screen, perfect.

1. This isn't even fair. Oregon hits us with the best mascot in college football on the shoulder pads. The irony of "Fighting Ducks" on the jersey with one of the least intimidating mascots on the shoulder pads is the reason why Oregon is on top of the jersey game. It's not about how rough and tough your mascot or jersey's are, it's about your originality and creativity. No opposing team or fan is intimidated by a violent animal, warrior, or fighter. You can have your Trojan riding in on a horse and slamming his sword into mid-field, I'll take Puddles. Oregon knows that they are popular because of their futuristic corky style while embracing their mascot and their colors. 


That would be Puddles with a Chip Kelly silhouette on his shoulders during the same game that the team had Puddles on their shoulders, awesome.