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Ranking The Top 5 NBA Color Commentators

5. Hubie Brown

I would have loved to have Hubie Brown completely out of my top 5 but I had to make the choice between Brown and Chris Mullin so I reluctantly slide Hubie Brown into the #5 spot. I understand that he was a successful NBA coach (not really, he had a .454 career win percentage), spent over 30 years coaching in college and in the NBA, and his knowledge about the game is 100 times from what mine will ever be, but as a color commentator he falls extremely short in what I need when I watch a NBA game. When Hubie Brown is calling a game, I feel like I'm sitting on my couch in my living room watching a game and my 95 year old grandpa is standing right next to the television pointing at the screen trying explain to me what just happened after every single obvious sequence of action. More times than not Brown is over analyzing a simple play that occurred, that needs no explanation whatsoever, while repeating "Now look here, watch this" 4 times as the slow mo replay shows on the screen of Josh Smith blocking a shot. If I had a list of 100 basketball questions to ask someone over lunch I'd want to ask Hubie Brown, but if I'm watching a NBA game, I'd prefer someone else.

4. Mike Fratello

If you were to ask me to name all the NBA color commentators I would have forgotten to say Mike Fratello, but that's not a bad thing. You are able to watch the game without any problems when he is commentating. His voice is easy to handle, he doesn't upset you, and if you are really engaged in the game you can learn a thing or two from him. 

3. Reggie Miller

Miller does a great job of being informational without being boring. He sees the game in a unique way because he played the game differently than most. He wasn't just your average spot up shooter, he was an explosive scorer that weighed in at a frail 6'7 195 lbs. Miller is always energetic when calling games and seems to be very excited no matter what the game is which rubs off on whoever is watching. Although the occasional corny joke and his constant over analyzing of a good call or a bad call by the refs knocks him down a little. 

2. Jeff Van Gundy

Van Gundy has the best sense of humor out of all the commentators. Van Gundy likes to promote his wild theories about changing the game, or the rules, of basketball during every game that are always thought provoking and mostly funny. Van Gundy is a great mixture of an extremely smart basketball mind along with a corky humor that makes for top notch commentating. 

1. Steve Kerr

Most people would agree that Kerr is the best color commentator in the business. Kerr provides everything that the previous 4 on this list provide; he's smart, thought provoking, funny, and energetic. Kerr always keeps the audience interested without being annoying, he pleases fans from both teams during the same game, and he is never on one side or the other but he's never on the fence. I'm not sure how he does it but I know for sure he's the best NBA color commentator there is. Kerr gets bonus points from me because he's always around local gyms in San Diego and at every USD home basketball game.