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Manziel: First Athlete Ever Media Will Feel Sorry For

Paul Manziel, Johnny's father, recently opened a new door into the Johnny Football saga. Paul Manziel stated, in an interview with senior writer, Wright Thompson, his son was drinking a lot to cope with all the stress that has been slammed on his son in the past year. Paul was ultimately worried that Johnny was going to end up in jail. The interview unveiled a side to Johnny that the public has not seen yet.

As of right now the only crowd that feels sorry for Mr. Football, is the younger crowd that claims what is he supposed to do? He's not allowed to go to parties? He's just like all of us! If I was a Heisman Trophy winner I'd be doing the same stuff! Which is a valid reason to have Manziel's back, but the media sure as heck does not care about that. They care about the story, the pictures, the videos, the snide remarks Manziel shoots back at the fans and media, and the attractive girlfriend(s) he has.

But with these new comments that came out in the interview, a chip has been planted in the back of the media's brain that maybe Johnny really is having major problems with stress and that maybe he isn't just an immature arrogant athlete that can't handle the spotlight. 

The potential is there that Manziel struggles in the first two weeks (games against Rice and Sam Houston State probably will lead to wins but he could still not perform well), the Aggies then could get clobbered by Alabama in week three, and then they could easily drop another two or three games throughout the season. If A&M starts the season 3-3 and 0-3 in conference with losses to Alabama, at Arkansas, and at Ole Miss (which is entirely possible, it's the SEC and Arkansas and Ole Miss will be much improved from last year) the media will be chomping at the bits to get Manziel to explode. 

But what if he doesn't explode? What if he doesn't rebel against the fans on social media?  What if there is true disappointment and sadness coming from Manziel in postgame interviews after losses? What if he owns up to drinking a lot because he was dealing anxiety issues in the offseason? If a sadly humbled Manziel comes out to the media after a rough start to the year, does the media show empathy towards him? If the media is compassionate, does Johnny Football turn from most scrutinized to the one that we all root for the most?

If Manziel hits rock bottom and he handles it with grace and maturity, the tables will turn, the media will feel sorry for him, and we will all be pulling for Johnny Football to make a comeback. We all have a little piece in our heart that feels bad for what #2 is going through, whether we show it or not, it's there, and it's screaming to come out.