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49ers CB Tarell Brown Misses Out on $2 Million, Fires Agent

Not all NFL players can brush off a loss of $2 million, especially when it is over 2/3 of your total salary in 2013. Tarell Brown will be getting paid $925,000 this upcoming season instead of $2,925,000 because he failed to attend the niners voluntary offseason workout program. Brown voided the $2 million salary escalator by not showing up to the niners facility to lift some weights. A loss of $2 million because he was working out in the wrong place. Brown was more than likely PAYING some other facility, i.e. a high school or college, to workout at, instead of getting PAID to workout at the niners facility, unbelievable. But who's fault is it? Brown blames his agent, but I blame Tarell.

Brown fired his agent, Brian Overstreet, after he saw the news on twitter of the money he had lost. Overstreet obviously should have informed Brown at some point that he had to show up to the voluntary workouts. I can understand that Overstreet did not do his job in the correct manor, but there is NO WAY that Brown did not take the responsibility to recognize that specific, obviously important, clause in his contract. 

Who knows, maybe it was such an obvious part of the contract that Overstreet assumed Brown understood where 2/3 of his total salary was coming from. Either way, Overstreet and Brown shouldn't be working together anymore because they obviously have communication issues. At least now we know that Brown will workout in team facilities for the rest of his career.