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Wrigley Field Gets Approval For $500 Million Renovations

Chicago's City Council approves for the $500 million renovation of Wrigley Field on July 24th, 2013. The renovations will include Wrigley Field's first ever Jumbotron, that's right, Wrigley never had a Jumbotron. The only remaining stadium in American professional sports that is without a Jumbotron. It will take two years until the Jumbotron will hoist itself in left field, but it will be well worth the wait for the loyal Cub fans that have been robbed of a Jumbotron for their whole lives. 

The 5,700 square foot Jumbotron will headline the renovations, along with improvements of the home and visiting clubhouses, and a beautiful sign in right field that writes "Wrigley Field" in cursive. 

I understand the nostalgia that comes with Wrigley Field and that is why it has taken so long to renovate the 99 year old stadium, but the history and personality Wrigley holds do not need to change. A Jumbotron and nicer clubhouses do not wipe the slate clean of almost 100 years of baseball. It makes viewing and visiting the ballpark, whether you're a player or fan, more comfortable and enjoyable. The history won't change but the ballpark will improve and  it will create new experiences for everyone for the next 100 years.