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Jadeveon Clowney to sign with Jay Z?

Reports that Clowney has been communicating with Roc Nation Sports

If I were Jadeveon Clowney I see no reason why I wouldn't sign with Jay Z. As long as Roc Nation Sports keep providing athletes with the same quality of business as the other agencies, high profile athletes will continue to join Jay Z.

As far as the reports that Clowney has been in contact with Roc Nation, there are no rules against communications as long as the agency isn't paying for dinner, transportation, entertainment, etc. 

There is no way that Jay Z would try to cross any legal boundaries this early in his sports agency life. Jay Z doesn't need to cheat to get athletes, he just needs to continue to do what he's doing and athletes will fall into his lap. Clowney will sign with Roc Nation as soon as he walks out of the locker room after the bowl game in January, then Jay Z will rap about him on his next album and I will love it.