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Go For It Knicks!

Carmelo and J.R. Smith have a lot to prove next season

I love how the Knicks build a team on the style of basketball that they play. The Knicks organization isn't lying to themselves, they have Melo and J.R. Smith, and with those two being the best players on your team, you can't expect to win with defense. The worst kind of team is a confused team, and the Knicks surely won't be confused this upcoming season. If the Knicks are going to challenge the Heat, Bulls, Nets, or Pacers for the Eastern Conference crown, they need to sell out on their specific style of basketball. The only way Melo and the Knicks will have any chance against the beasts in the east will be if they can outscore the opposing team 4 out of 7 times in a series. That being said, do I like the Knicks chances to win the east? Heck no. Do I think Melo, Smith, Felton, and Bargnani can score enough points to get out of the second round in what is shaping up to be the strongest Eastern Conference in recent memory? No. But trading for Bargnani was a good start, now keep it going Knicks.