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Bargnani Fits With Knicks

Bargnani will fit in nicely with the Knicks

On July 10th, Knicks GM Glen Grunwald made a fantastic move with the signing of Andrea Bargnani. Bargnani is an extremely underrated player overall that will score a bunch of points wearing the Knicks uniform. Right off the bat, number one overall picks get a bad reputation if they're not the next Dirk Nowitzki or Pau Gasol (who Bargnani was projected to be by most). But Bargnani is not one to shake a stick at, he is a hell of a player. If Bargnani was drafted in the late first or second round we'd all be talking about how great that lethal shooting 7-footer is in Toronto, and how much potential he'd have in New York. I'm not worried about what most thought he was SUPPOSED to be, I'm worried about the player he IS. He shot 40% from behind the arc last year and with the Knick's style of "you shoot then I shoot" basketball, Bargnani will get plenty more shots and opportunities than he did in Toronto.