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Puig Has My Vote

The way Yasiel Puig plays baseball mirrors the way Adam Sandler plays football in Waterboy. 

Puig deserves to be a part of the MLB All Star and I'm positive we can all agree on that unless you are an old, stubborn, cranky baseball fan above the age of 40. Baseball needs interest and it needs excitement on a national level and there is nothing more interesting and exciting than a 6'3 245 lb Cuban that hits the laces off the ball and runs around the bases till he gets tagged out. He's two inches taller than San Francisco 49er linebacker Patrick Willis, and weighs five pounds more. His muscles are about to rip through his baggy jersey and I would love to watch him do a front-flip over Jason Castro on his way to home plate to avoid being tagged out in the All Star Game. That's right, Jason Castro, assuming Joe Mauer would be on the bench by the time Puig entered the game, Jason Castro is one of the American League reserve catchers hailing from the best minor league baseball team in America, the Houston Astros. 

Anyways, back to Yasiel Puig doing front-flips during live play, I know that sounds a little ridiculous, ok, very ridiculous, but I personally would not be shocked if it happened and if you have any idea of the type of player and athlete he is, you wouldn't be either. Baseball is a dying sport and it needs to capture the attention of young people, what's more captivating to young people than an explosive arrogant athlete that plays baseball in a different fashion? All Puig needs to do is fire his agent, sign with Jay-Z, continue to hit .400, run through stop signs from his third base coach, and continue to attempt to throw runners out at first from right field and he'll be the one player that can spark a growth in popularity among young athletes for the game of baseball. 

With his egotistical attitude and his way of performing well on the big stage the All Star game will provide the biggest stage of his young baseball career and he'll be more excited than ever to show his talents to the world which will make for an entertaining watch whenever he enters the game. I know one thing, if he makes the All Star roster he will do something special, good or bad, that will appeal to the young crowd and will have kids that are playing in the Little League World Series attempting front-flips over the catcher. In all seriousness, will he do a front-flip at home plate? Probably not. Will an American League pitcher come high and tight on him because he doesn't think Puig deserves to be there and he's representing for the Jonathan Papelbon's of the world? Maybe. No one really knows what could happen if Puig ends up playing in the game, but whatever happens, it will be exciting, and I will be watching.