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Quarterback's That Get Paid More Than Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is the lowest paid starting quarterback in the NFL. The Seahawks apparently hit the jackpot with Wilson which allowed them to add some additional talent in the off-season to their already talented roster. That's all and well and good but what exactly does Wilson get paid? Wilson is locked up for 4 years, $3M, making $526K in 2013. Not only is he the lowest paid out of all the starting quarterback's, he doesn't even get paid as much as a good amount of backups - or some 3rd stringers. Here's a list of non-starters that are wealthier men than Russell Wilson and the money they'll make in 2013 in no particular order.

Rex Grossman: Washington Redskins, 3rd string, $970,000

Drew Stanton: Arizona Cardinals, 2nd string, $3,000,000

Matt Moore: Miami Dolphins, 2nd string, $4,000,000

Bruce Gradkowski: Pittsburgh Steelers, 2nd string, $1,850,000

Colt McCoy: San Francisco 49ers, 2nd string, $1,500,000

Ryan Nassib: New York Giants, 3rd string, $858,600

Jason Campbell: Cleveland Browns, 3rd string, $1,500,000

Dan Orlovsky: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2nd string, $905,000

Charlie Whitehurst: San Diego Chargers, 2nd string, $1,300,000

Kellen Clemens: St. Louis Rams, 2nd string, $870,000

Josh McCown: Chicago Bears, 2nd string, $865,000

 Matt Barkley: Philadelphia Eagles, 3rd string, $902,028

Matt Flynn: Oakland Raiders, 3rd string, $6,500,000

Matt Cassel: Minnesota Vikings, 2nd string, $3,700,000

Top 15 Highest Paid College Coaches

I think we can all guess who's at the top of the list, but you may be surprised who follows. College football coaches get paid a lot of money and almost 100% of the time they are worth every penny. A coach means almost everything to a football program, and if you mean almost everything to a football program, you are officially very important to the university itself. Besides profiting from ticket sales, bowl wins, merchandise sales, concession sales, sponsors, and alumni -- a quality program can attract more students as well -- which obviously boosts tuition. Here's the list from USA TODAY of the high paid men that lead our team's to victory, or not. 

1. Nick Saban, Alabama, $5,476,738

2. Mack Brown, Texas, $5,353,750

3. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, $4,550,000

4. Urban Meyer, Ohio State, $4,300,000

5. Les Miles, Louisiana State, $3,856,417

6.Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, $3,835,000

7. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina, $3,585,000

8. Gary Patterson, Texas Christian, $3,400,000

9. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State, $3,275,000

10. Bret Beilema, Arkansas, $3,200,000

11. Brady Hoke, Michigan, $3,046,120

12. Todd Graham, Arizona State, $3,000,000

13. Butch Jones, Tennessee, $2,950,000

14. Mark Richt, Georgia, $2,925,340

15. Bo Pelini, Nebraska, $2,875,000

Seven FCS programs brought in $2.375 million for wins this weekend

A lot of upsets this weekend, and a lot of money spent by a few embarrassed programs. Kansas State, San Diego State, South Florida, UConn, Iowa State, Oregon State, and South Alabama were victimized by the system this weekend. I'm not sure I find it fair that these programs have to take an embarrassing loss and pay the schools they lost to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can they at least get their money back? No? Well, this is the money that they lost.

• Northern Iowa, $350,000 from Iowa State

• Eastern Illinois, $325,000 from San Diego State

• Towson, $275,000 from UConn

• Southern Utah, $225,000 from South Alabama

• Eastern Washington, $450,000 from Oregon State

• McNeese State, $400,000 from South Florida

• North Dakota State, $350,000 from Kansas State

That totals $2.375 million. If I'm a power conference program I'm making sure the FCS school I play is %100 completely inferior that has no shot to score any sort of points against my team. I'm not paying to play any former FCS champions or teams that were even close to winning a championship (NDSU won two consecutive FCS national titles in 2011 and 2012 and Eastern Washington were the Big Sky Conference champions in 2012). It does a school no good to beat a really good FCS team when there are just as many really bad FCS teams, i.e. Oregon beats 1-10 Nicholls State by 63 points and moves up in the polls. Better safe than sorry.